Sunday, June 10, 2012

Curly Girls Run the World!

or at least the internet and hair care!

I make one video on curly hair and my inbox has been exploding with followers everywhere! too bad i didn't make a career as a curly hair expert! Thanks guys for all the support. My YouTube channel however isn't a curly hair channel nor is this blog. For extensive, in-depth knowledge I recommend Long Hair Don't CareAround the Way Curls, Hey Fran Hey, and La Coco Bella to name a few. It's always good to see what others are doing but most importantly it's key to listen to your hair. And what works for one may not work for you, so continue to experiment and listen to your curls.
As with every other curly I've gone through great lengths to find out what works for me and I'm still on the search. But yes I am a recent convert and love the Shea Moisture line although I'm opening to looking for another conditioner. I found the one I used doesn't have as much slip as I'd like. BUT I LOVE that Parnevu deep conditioner. So far, that's the only deep treatment I've used that leaves my hair feeling soft and moisturized and I've been using it for the last 3 years!
But to answer your questions...
1) When I go to bed I put my hair in either a pineapple ponytail much like this photo here but not so "wide":
if it's later in the week and my curls are all over the place i'll do a brush out and sleep with my hair in a high bun and wear it out all frizzy Diana Ross styles the following morning and thereafter. frizzy, unruly curls can work if you WERK-it-out! and yes, i do sleep with a satin pillow case as well.

If I have the time and my hair is really hurting with split ends and dryness as it is now (i need to trim asap!) I'll twist my hair and sleep with a cap. 
i feel sorry for men married to curlies that take care...this cap is so not hot. marry someone who loves you cap and all :) thanks boo bear!

now if i do twist it overnight i use a leave-in conditioner, which of late has been Shea Moisture's Curl Enhancing Smoothy. I have in the past used the line Olive Oil which was my swear by product that you can read all about here in this blog entry. this Shea stuff is perfect for "style". the next day you simply unravel and rock the twist out as is or separate the curls for a more natural look .
now when i plan to wash my hair, the night before i'll use Vatika. this is super oily and greasy! so beware. this isn't the type of oil i'd just put in my hair and go. it's purpose for me is to moisturize my hair before i strip it the next day with shampoo. the thing about most oils is it usually just sits on top of the hair shaft not moisturizing . i think the exception is Moroccan oil, however it's pricey! you really need something to soften the hair cuticle before you use an oil, which i didn't discuss in my video because i only do this other extra step if i have time and i try to keep my videos short, BUT i use  IC Leave-in Hair & Scalp treatment, and then the Vatika so the hair can absorb the nutrients of the great oils fused in with Vatika. 
empty! gotta get me more :)

"did you untwist your hair before diffusing?" NO!
i did not twist my hair only to untwist it before drying...leave your hair alone...the first twist i did naturally unravelled when i was diffusing. the second, 2 strand twist will need to be "untwisted" once dry. this method will leave you with looser curls. i used large sections when twisting my hair simply because i want the process to be over and done with, but if you want that "perfect" curl then use smaller sections. the smaller the section the more defined the curls :)

this is what my hair looks like when i DON'T twist and simply put styling product and air dry...not very special and rather flat looking

my hair unravelled on a 2 strand twist out...DEFINITION FOR DAYS!!!

2) Products Used if you didn't catch me name dropping:

i live in NY and buy them on 125th and you can find the Shea Moisture line at Duane Reade and Target to name a few...for other countries i have no clue. you can call or email them to find out: or even buy online :)
i bought Parnevu here on 125th and i have no idea where else you can find it besides online. and Vatika i bought in Little India out in Queens, NY. again, i don't know where else to buy it so Google.

read the ingredients in your cosmetics and hair products and do your homework here: 

to read more about my hair journey, in the search bar enter "curly". it gets interesting :)


Devon said...

Have you always had natural hair?

maya said...

when i was 13 years old i got my first and last relaxer. i remember my mom putting it in my hair and after 10mins it started to burn and we washed out immediately. it left me with loose curls. i've also highlighted my hair blonde in the past. most recently i did a brazilian blowout 6 months ago. if you search my blog for "brazilian blowout" or "curls" you'll see me before and after photos and thoughts. it's pretty much 95% gone but it's there...i basically wanted to change up my hair without doing a big chop. that fact that i was sold on the notion that it was only temporary sold me. i don't think i'd do it again. as much as i love the change i can't justify coughing up all that money :)

Akeila said...

Hey Maya!

I love your blog! I saw you and Andrea's video on curly hair via Thosegirlsarewild youtube channel. You mentioned the Chi Enviro treatment and I decided to try it. It is AMAZING. If you want to stop dryness and split ends, Chi Enviro is the way to go!

Also, this is totally off subject, but I am looking in to doing voice overs. I found a coach, who charges $250. Do you think getting a coach is the way to go? Also, do you have any advice for people just starting out? Thanks Maya!