Saturday, June 26, 2010

out with the old in with the old

i spend a good amount of time on craigslist list and this time i was looking to upgrade my old vintage schwinn bike. although aesthetically pleasing i hated how it was a genuine 1 speed cruiser with back pedal breaks. so last week i sold my schwinn back on craigslist for $120. today i was lucky enough to score this beauty for $100!!! unheard of especially here in NY. the owner didn't even realize it was a 5 speed! and i get my hand breaks! love it :)
cost: $100

up close and personal. oh and she's in mint rust :)

good riddance!


niki.mac said...

Love it! I was eyeing a Schwinn at Target yesterday - and although it looked great all shiny & new, I think I want a vintage one. Yours is adorable!

maya said...

i love vintage! and buying old looking bikes keep the thieves at bay :)

Shannon Teresa said...

my bike cost me $30 and although it came with hand brakes, 5 speed, a bell, a bag carrier, hand grips and a water bottle holster it's still ugly as sin and I'd like a new one asap. This is a good grab Papaya, hot and functional!