Thursday, June 3, 2010

artist alert!

you there reading this! i'm sure you're talented in more ways than one. i myself have many artistic endeavours and there have been plenty of times where i tell myself (or someone tells me) to quit one thing for another. "pick one, you need to focus!" BLAH! obviously that hasn't worked so i continue to hammer away at all things that inspire me. only recently have i truly begun to appreciate how fortunate i am to be able to do all the things i love and be darn good at it. i think focus is important however why cut off 1 hand when you can have 2? My friend Liinda sent me this AMAZING video by Daniel Cloud Campos reminding me of why we should embrace all things that make us unique. the future looks to me like you better bring more than 1 game to the party.

is he or he not redonkulously talented??? he effin' does it all!!! and i love loVE LOVE it!


niki.mac said...

And he's soo cute too! Him shaking his little booty & washing the dishes just made my day :-)

maya said...

isn't he?! and homie can move! so i better stop before my husband reads this :) love you boo bear

Anonymous said...

that was great!
ps really!!!

Tasha said...

...makes me wanna dance!!!!...and multitask MAJORLY!!