Thursday, June 10, 2010


I'm officially a New Yorker! I had my final farewell and of course it was a bbq :) i have some really amazing friends and fam in my life and am grateful to each and every one of them! they hooked me up for my going away partay and move! i love you all!
I arrived late tuesday night and have been busy trying to get my new pad into tip top shape. My infamous cousin Jeigh is in town rocking Broadway and since he loves me, I'll be recruiting his services to help put some elbow grease into my dirt mcgurt space :)
i'll share the transformation with you. i won't be doing as many renovations as i thought since the projects have certain regulations i thought i could just ignore ;) this apartment will only be lived in for max 1 year before we get the heck out of here and find ourself a cute artist space. my purchases will be focused on lovely and cute things i can take with me. video coming soon :)


ShandyLand said...

Congrats!! How exciting!

joven said...

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