Sunday, October 4, 2009

technology loves me

i am soooooo very sorry for the non-existent posts. i finally got a new mac (mine crashed) with all my new programs that were deleted AND i got the lovely snow leopard. it also didn't help that i was in NY with my hubby who's internet was all wonky for the 2 weeks i was there and then forgetting my cell phone's charger there leaving me isolated from everything i love! no phone and internet is THE WORST!!!
check out my 'new' phone i had to buy off craigslist for $20 since stupid telus (phone provider) wanted to charge me $40 for a charger! and since i'm not signing a new contract no spiffy phone for me. besides, i won't be here much longer since i'm planning the big to the big apple soon. any who...take a look. progressing from left to right is the evolution or rather devolution of my telus phones the right being my current phone. it me or is there something wrong with this photo? i effing can't wait to move to NY in feb/march so EFFF YOU telus!
p.s.s. more posts coming your way. stay tuned...

1 comment:

Luisa said...

Just a nice stressful reminder that you are a slave to technology Maya....A SLAVE LIKE THE REST OF US!!!