Saturday, October 31, 2009


i wish it were halloween all the time. ok maybe not all the time but more than once a year. dressing up is way too much fun! it's the one time of the year creativity is bubbling everywhere. as you all know i'm Minnie Mouse and being the crafty person i am i set out to make my costume. my first stop was Dressew. this store is off the hook! i always find my textile needs here. every Halloween this store is jam packed with last minute shoppers and of course i was no exception.

the first part of my costume i tackled were the gloves. i'm thinking this will SELL the cartoonESQUE of my costume and it's the hardest. here's what i did:
1) i started first by making a pattern by tracing my hand.
2) after i traced around that with 4 chubby fingers.
3) gloves typically have 2 layers: front and back, but i wanted thick gloves so each glove had 4 layers: 2 for the front 2 for the back.
4) i used the sewing machine to go around the complete outline of the glove to bind them all together
5) and then a zig zag stitch around AGAIN to keep the fabric from fraying.
6) and finally i added 3 huge black stitches to give it that cartoon look

the next part of my costume were the bloomers Minnie wears underneath her skirt. you could probably skip this part but i'm a sucker for detail. i pulled out a pair of pj's i owned and made a rough pattern for my bloomers from those. since the bloomers are baggy there's room for inaccuracies.

and of course Minnie's signature skirt. i loved working with vinyl since it doesn't fray which means less work for me. i made the pattern for Minnie's skirt from a green leather skirt i own. my only regret is i wish i had a poofy skirt to copy from. the dress i made isn't as tight as my pencil skirt but it could be wider. at $4.99 a meter and only buying 1.5 meters you can't go wrong

and finally Minnie's bow. i was gonna go old skool and do the hat but it cost more time and money. so bow it is!

that's all for the costume sewing. i'm gonna run and paint my face and have some fun tonight. the final results will be posted asap along with full on photo shoot :)


bloggeranonymous said...

I'm excited to see it all together! I'm so glad your crafty capable!

Andrea Lewis said...

The gloves and bowtie and skirt look awesome! Please post pics immediately!!!

FLY LADY DI said...

maya your blog rocks, can't say that enough

Shannon Teresa said...

wowowowow I can't wait for the final photosssssssssssssssss