Monday, October 5, 2009

District 9

i don't know about you but i LOVED District 9! i just came home from watching it and i was pleasantly surprised. i loved how they casted obscure actors, i loved how the CG or whatever they used looked very convincing (i always said productions should go back and use animatronics. like check out Falkor in The Never Ending Story...he's like real!). and to top it all off i loved how this movie wasn't about the lead up to the aliens. they showed them right off the top and gave them a voice and the circumstances they were discovered were all believable. and hats off to Neill Blomkamp director and writer or District 9. it's a politic statement done in such a creative and inventive way. VERY powerful! and props to Neill for shedding some light on the military and District 6. i can't wait to watch District 10 and hopefully they don't sell out like the Matrix. So far my movies of 2009 are this along with Up

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