Monday, October 5, 2009

can i take your picture?

why of course!
it's the Vancouver International Film Festival right now and i was invited to hit up the red carpet with my homie Luisa (aka Stories on the Stage) who is about to take over Vancouver and Canada for that matter. and your frugalite got to finally premiere her Versace number! i'm so glad i bought this dress! my boobs are impenetrable and can shoot bullets in this number. speaking of numbers i happen to be #1 'most unique' dressed as seen on Style Quotient
but now i divulge. i paid $100 for this Versace number at Century 21. try not to hate.

me acting a fool

i hooked myself up with some handmade earrings to round off the look. and that's Luisa and yes she kinda looks like Miley Cyrus but hotter and exotic


bloggeranonymous said...

You totally upstaged 3!!! Hahaha! Did you say hi??

FLY LADY DI said...

oh wow. i am a hater.

FLY LADY DI said...

lol hahaha... u loooooook amaaaaaazinnngggggg as always

Luisa said...

Agreed!! BANGIN!! And an FYI, as soon as Style Quotient saw Maya, they ZOOMED at her like a bullet.