Thursday, September 24, 2009

chi-town throw back!

my fashion week wasn't that exciting so i ran off to Chicago to visit fams with my hubby. my great grandmother aka granny and grand ma aka Zelma are pure jokes and they are both still alive and kickin'. my granny still chugs her Old Style beer everyday at her "watering hole" also known as a bar and girl friend still works at 93 years old and drives a 2008 pontiac! words cannot begin to describe how funny these two personalities are. David was dying of sheer laughter, he had no idea how wonderfully funny and awesome my grannies are! my family on my father's side is from Clarksdale, Mississippi and later moved to Chi-Town in the late 30's. it's crazy how much my great granny has seen in her life time from workin' for nothing in the cotton fields to seeing Obama elected as president! we actually got to pass by Obama's home in Hyde Park but didn't see a thing since SWAT cars are guarding and barricading a 2 block radius but very cool!
Next to kickin' jokes, eating grits, drinking Old Style and sight seeing I managed to scan a few old skool polaroids of my fams back in the day. i love old photos! they just look artsy no matter who's taking it.
par example

my uncle is hidden in the top row first on the left

i love this photo! it's so 70's and as we all know i should have been around to enjoy the 70's. that's my uncle bottom left

here's my papa. aren't the couch and wall paper to die for?!!!

that's my grandma Zelma second from the left

my great granny on the left and grandma on the right

i love how these guys are rockin' their hats

that's my aunt. i love her shirt! it's so random

how many people can say they have photos of their great great GREAT grand parents? well that's mine above.
i love old photos :)

yours truly! i'm such an asian baby with baggy diapers :P


bloggeranonymous said...

You look SO much like your granny!!! I love the retro photos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FLY LADY DI said...

omg how cool are those! i can totally see the resemblance bt u and ur granny... i love looking back and seeing lineage. i always wonder where i got my DSLs from LOL