Tuesday, November 3, 2009

look at me! or at least my work :)

i've been invited to take part in yet another fashion event/ photo exhibition. this time Fashion Cures a la Mode taking place in Ottawa from Nov 4th-7th. having my work out on display for others to appreciate is such a rewarding feeling. exhibits really challenge me to bring my A game up, not that i'm not already trying :P
this time around i swayed away from my coloured images and went black and white on ya AND i did a bit of photoshop rendering... très risque!
the other challenge here was transporting 5 prints ready to hang at the most affordable budget known to man. my prints were 11x14 so i headed over to DeSerres and bought me some archival foam, archival tact to adhere my prints to the foam and finally hanging clips that punch through the back of the foam board. darnet! i should have taken photos of the whole process but i was a little stressed out with dead lines and such that is the life of Maya :)
any ways the process was faster than i thought and in the end cost me $25 to get my prints to hang and another $37 to ship. not bad, not bad. any who i did manage to take this last minute shot of the final results on my hallway wall. i'll reveal the collection name, close ups, my process and all that jazz later. enjoy!


bloggeranonymous said...

OH! That's awesome!!!

Shannon Teresa said...

I can't wait to see the big versions.

FLY LADY DI said...