Thursday, February 12, 2009


for those of you who haven't already watched the FUNNIEST show ever please get your hands on Summer Heights High. based in Australia the show chronicles the lives of 2 students and 1 teacher at Summer Heights High all played by uber talented actor and creator Chris Lilley. i've already watched the first season 3 times as sadly it ends there. so stop being a bogin and watch it! you can visit the website here


bloggeranonymous said...

MAYA! I keep forgetting to tell you that I saw it and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
No offence, but I like really hate fat people.

bloggeranonymous said...

Oh and I'm buying it when it comes out this month!

Shannon Teresa Boodram said...

Maya why don't we fall in love?! I freakin love this show - it's so good. I love Aussie's!

MR. M said...

You povo bogin, it's 2 students and 1 teacher.