Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Cassette Wallets

as some of you may know i gave a bunch of cassette wallets as christmas presents for my cousins. i managed to make a few more with another slew on the way and am selling them here:
a store in Barcelona is interested in buying them :) if i do decide to sell them there it would be for the mere fact to say "i sell my work in Barcelona". so i'll ponder it and see if i can squeeze in extra time to make these suckers.

i did say i would post a step by step tutorial on how to make these wallets but it was just to hard to explain. i did however find this site that has a similar set of instructions here


bloggeranonymous said...

If need be you could start a little work factory. you would just run it or oversee the production while you had other people make the actual wallets!
example: me and Jude

Anonymous said...

I wonder how , I'll try to explain it to the cops if they get me when I steal one .