Wednesday, August 6, 2008

salvation creation

i went shopping at salvation army yesterday looking for a vintage kodak box camera with no luck but found these cute skirts. i just love the floral one but bought it with the idea of converting it into a pillow. i tested it out on the couch and it looked hideous. then i threw it on and it looked fabulous! just add accessories...cute earrings and bracelets, cute shoes or boots, belts are a must and boom! (just a little Maya's rule of thumb; i never wear big earrings and necklaces together. it's either neckless and bracelets or earrings and bracelets. you don't wanna go over kill)
cost: $5.29+tax
this is what it looks like:

and this is what i make it look like:

i'd wear a simple tan or grey tank top to contrast the green skirt but i don't have one yet until i hit up the malls and hunt for end of summer deals, but here's a preview:

i gots me 2 new outfits for an amazing deal!

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bloggeranonymous said...

MAYA! As a dress it looks SO good on you!