Saturday, August 9, 2008


i'm sure you heard already that Italian Vogue published the first all black cover to cover issue of all black models for july. and contrary to american marketing gurus the issue broke records! SOLD OUT everywhere! this issue is like crack! i assumed i would never have the chance to browse through the pages let alone own one, but fortunately for me i was at the corner store yesterday and they got 20 copies that same morning and had 5 remaining when i left.
Barack Obama runs for president, D squared has a tribute to black fashion for they're spring 2009 collection, dang! am i proud to be black!

cost: $33+tax

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Marmalad Shipkofff said...

I want that issue as well :P nice blog :) and you are the first one foreign person that puts my blog in your blogroll :P thanks ! :) greetings from hot bulgaria!