Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ikea accents

my apologies for the delay on posts. i just started a new job and got sick in the process. but i'll be updating everyday this week to catch up for missed blogs. so lately, i've noticed my apartment was beginning to look too authentic vintage which is different from modern chic vintage. i decided to head over to ikea and add some modern accents and found this wonderful large print fabric. i'll be turning this into a throw and still need to sew the seams and pick another fabric to go on the back. i was thinking turquoise or something. i'll repost with the final product, but for now:
cost: $5/meter

and here are some tin containers with graphic prints as well
cost: $9+tax

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bloggeranonymous said...

With all the new projects don't put other ones on hold until it's too late! (Hint, hint!)
Just kidding! You know I love everything you make! Inspirational!