Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Part 1: Montreal

vacations are a MUST! my slightly over 2 week vaycay in Toronto was exactly what i needed. time with good company :) during my stay in tdot i headed up to Montreal for my cousin Jeigh Madjus' first film role as a LEAD in a FEATURE FILM entitled Servitude. it was hilarious! currently the Canadian release date is this fall so all you Canadians watch out! i'm obsessed with instagram...no more bulky slrs :)

a road trip isn't a road trip w/o timmys

we stayed in Holiday Inn and yes the interior is full blown china town

and it just happened to be the Just for Laughs Festival...BONUS!

isn't she so cute! resemblance much? :)

Servitude premiered at Cinema du Parc in the Just 4 Laughs Festival

there's my cuz and the rest of the cast :)

back on the road to T-oH!

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