Thursday, August 25, 2011


since being back from tdot i've concentrated my super human forces to apartment hunting in NY. competing with thousands of students is no joke! units are available 1 min gone the next. our journey started in brooklyn but being on a frugal budget we found nothing hot, then moved to chinatown which was a quick no. David's large stature prevented him from showering in their mini asian showers. now we've gone back to Harlem which of course i love. we found an amazing spot on the east side but keep getting jumped by these students! any who i'm hoping to find something for sept 1st and if we have to let those students get their groove on then oct 1st once the dust has settled. environment is key to healthy living. i've been uping my frugal budget to accommodate my artistic love for photography. living in Vancity was way too dope! it was my live/work space for under $700!!! ah those days are long gone :(
once the crib is secured i can share my shopping journey's with ya'll AND my photography AND my voice AND the rest of my life :)


*Tasha said...

Good luck! I think apartment hunting in NYC was the hardest/frustrating thing I've done. I found my spot through Craigslist, through a no-fee broker, and I'm in love with my Harlem spot and area! I can forward you some websites if you need. Happy hunting!

Anonymous said...

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