Saturday, August 6, 2011

how to rock that look

i'm all about drawing inspiration from the pros and that's exactly what i did to get my caribana look. if i do manage to play mas next year i really want to get the loudest costume they have :P
yes i did braid my hair all by my dang self! i learned my lesson after halloween when i dished out $60 for braids i did not like one bit. this time around it cost me $0.99/pack for the hair and i bought 4 packs and only used 3. the down took me 5hrs!!! and it didn't help that i started braiding my hair at 12am like a crazed beautician maniac. click on the photo for a closer look
for my caribana makeup i rocked Mac's primary yellow pigment with my $3.99 48 palette green Profusion, quo's false lashes $7.50 and some glamourous jewELLEs i copped from arton beads on queen street for $3 for a pack of 36 although they have bigger ones available at Dollarama for a dollar. all in all i spent $18.49 for my hair and makeup and $185 for my mas costume!!! good thing this only happens once a year.


larissa Juraver said...

Very Impressed you did it all by yourself girl!!!
I wish i knew how to do cornrows; I would have saved lots of money :)

The result was quite good, u go girl!!!

Camille said...

beautiful!!! you did a great job!

Luisa said...

You are RAD!!! Amazing!