Tuesday, July 19, 2011

caribana warmup

it's official!!! i will be joining Shannon Boodram and her TGAW posey on the streets of tdot celebrating CARIBANA 2011!!! yesterday i made my way over to the Saldenah boot camp to pay for and try on my mas slash scandalous outfit. my booty is all out and i need to do some serious crunches...hopefully i can stick to Shannon's ab work out tips. this isn't the outfit but isn't it lovely?

i've never played in mas and i'm all about livin' it up. so yes! i'll be 'sexy' for a day. my filipino mom disapproves...i love it! this is one step closer to my brazilian idol

if you'd like to go all out and play mas next summer here in Toronto visit: http://www.saldenahcarnival.com/

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