Friday, April 16, 2010

Modern Prometheus

plenty has happened in my 2 month hiatus from my blog. a huge chunk of that time has been the creation of my bambino of a movie :) it seems only fitting that I venture into this unchartered territory since I come from the worlds of photography and acting. my friend Cat and the rest of the universe have been nagging me to create a film project but i wasn't inspired by the suggestions. then one evening before going to bed it hit me! my gem of an idea. but as we all know ideas are useless if you don't act on them. so i'm now in the writing process. i've never been much of a writer. even my blog's strong points are in the visual department. my experience in writing include journal entries and cover letters for jobs. so i'm starting from the beginning. it took me a few attempts but i found a method that works for me. since this project is a feature film i wanted to know the story arc and see if it made sense. i wrote more or less every scene on cue-cards. this method is great! you get to rearrange scenes, fill in the blank, you name it. now that's complete i'm moving into the scripting department :) i made my first attempt and it's a little more challenging. in the meantime i'm reading scripts, watching movies and doing more research to learn the tools other talent use.
for those interested in getting into scriptwriting check out:


Tasha said...

Good luck on your journey. My boyfriend writes scripts, so I definitely understand the challenge.

shannon teresa said...

Goodluck Maya!!!! Writing things down to say you're going to do it is so powerful because now you've put it in motion and set expectations from others

Mr. Taha said...

Maya, you're def an artist in the truest form. The inspiration for something magical hit you one night... and BOOM, you acted on it. I respect that. Keep it movin' girl, sky's the limit!

maya said...

thanks Tasha! i had no idea what i was getting into but i LOVEs a good challenge. thanks for commenting :) Shannon TEE! since i put it out there now i gotta follow through. my biggest pet peeve of all time are *ish talkers. there's no going back for me now or else :S
thanks Taha!

Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

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