Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011: Year of the Artist

2011 is all about THE YEAR OF THE ARTIST. i've been so fixated on making my home a home, which as you know was much needed and i'm still working at my j.o.b but hopefully not for much longer. with age comes wisdom and i'm realizing i Maya Washington was born to explore and have fun. i'm most sane when i'm busy investing myself in all things that inspire and move me. unlike some of my neighbours i can and am talented in many avenues and yes i need focus on the task at hand but i also need to stay true to me. while i admire those that have 1 sole calling i have many and i need to honour that. and my talents aren't necessarily so segregated: I LOVE CREATING-simple as that and whatever that involves. having said that this year will be a busy one. i'm kickin it into over drive with the following 2011 goals:

- film projects: shorts, music videos, indies
- script: research, study, interview, write
- voice demo: revamp and promote both here in NY and LA
- photography: shoot consistently whether personal or business
- educate myself on the business side of arts through work and/or self education
- demand the best of myself through full commitment to goals

i'm filled with heat and the fire is where i thrive best. enough with the playin' it safe and back into the pit i go :)


*Tasha said...

Can't wait to hear your successful stories!!!! Cool things are a brewin' :)

TyniseNicole said...

have you ever read The Renaissance Soul? It's a book about creatives that have multiple creative goals. it's a great book and helps you to appreciate all of your interests. wish you the best as i'm in the same boat :-)

maya said...

no i haven't but as soon as i'm done the 2 books i'm on i'll definitely pick that one up. the title alone speaks to me. thanks for the support!

ShandyLand said...

Wow, reading that just put an extra spark on my rear! I've been feeling the same. I love to create, being hands on...by the time I get home from my FT job, I'm tired, and I'm making sure that now I put in no less than 5 mins every day on something creative, for my future. I want to create art for a living...not just Fine Art. Thanks for writing this!