Monday, January 3, 2011

my first time!

my cousin Matt and his bride Ya Shan are officially my first wedding shoot! i was a bit nervous since i was working with new gear, never shot a wedding before, haven't done a shoot in how long?!!, was and still am sick with the flu and sheer paranoia of something going wrong. so far so good :) it helps that i bought a new 1tb hard drive and backed all their images onto DVD's...12 to be exact.
i spent my flight back and the weekend just going through all 4000 images. way too much i know! so far i'm down to 400 but i'm sure i can narrow that down to roughly 40 if not less. i have a nasty habit of thinking my shots look horrible hence the multitude of photo taking. it's not until i start editing when i actually appreciate the images taken. but i am happy with the outcome. my goal was to tell a story and i feel i did that. i'm playing around with my fav action "pink fade" by Nelly Nero. i have no idea what route i'll be going with post but this was fast and easy. Ya Shan had a very feminine, vintage elegance going on with her accessories coupled with the colours of the sand, her complexion, and Matt's suit i feel this action works wonders. nothing's set in stone but here's what i got...i'll throw in a few b&w and/or sepia eventually.
CONGRATS MATHIAS AND MY NEW COUSIN YA SHAN!!!!! And how gorgeous is Ya Shan?!!! Stunning!!!

what a way to start the new year off. LOVE!!!


ruthie said...

Beautiful wedding! Beautiful shoot!

ShandyLand said...

YOU DID AN AWESOME JOB!! Congratulations!!

Niki McNeill said...

I love it! You nailed it ;)

Talksik said...

Great 1st steps, I always dug ur style behind the lens! Keep pushin' Ms. Maya!

- Taha

Anonymous said...

tres interessant, merci

Luisa said...

These shots are beautiful! Amazing job!