Thursday, January 20, 2011

steady on the grind

i don't have a whole lot of visually interesting things to blog about as of late. i've been: getting acquainted with Light Room 3 to help me streamline my photo editing (gotta love online tutorials), meeting up with photographers and studios in the hopes i can do this full time (very exciting and promising), reading a book on independent feature films (how insightful), brainstorming ideas for an online commercial competition (things are a brew).
oh right! i've still been hard at work on my cousins wedding photos. as a surprise gift (hopefully they don't read this) i'm putting together a press printed book. it's taken me some time to figure out layouts and size but i'm sticking to 10X10. now to decide what goes where. if you're on the look out for portfolios and the such, check out WHCC

and of course i'm been playing around with Nelly Nero's fabulous actions! click on the image to enlarge

now back to my tutorials followed by an interview!
in the words of Erykah Badu:

Every day is a struggle
How to hustle some doe
If you was raised in the hood
Well then you already know
It be days that be good
But mostly money be slow
Have you ever been hungry before?

Steady on the grind Stead on the grind
'Cause I got to make it happen
My family depending on me

Steady on the grind Steady on the grind
'Cause I got to make it happen
Ain't nobody gone do it for me

Ha ooh wa ooh ha ooh wa ooh
Ha ooh wa ooh ha ooh wa ooh

Steady on the grind
Daily on the grind
Money on my mind
So heavy on my mind So heavy on my mind

Mommy got a job makin' bout six-somethin' an hour
She became the breadwinner when daddy was unemployed
Working forty-plus hours and kissing ass
Seeming like the only honest way she can get some cash
She struggglin' - she don't know I be hustlin' pulling my own weight
I be hearing them fuss and fightin' at night mad late
Over economics; it's logic meaning they don't got it
Living in the projects, money's the only object
She makes $280 a week, standing on her feet
The ends aint even meeting - the family ain't eatin'
Cause if taxes is 10%, and the rest if for the rent
Then crime is what u get and niggaz is innocent
See it really ain't about if you eatin' or not eatin'
It's breathin' or not breathin' - freedom or not freedom
'nother day, 'nother way, 'nother dollar spent
Gotta make a revolution out of fifteen cent.

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