Monday, December 27, 2010

holiday update

sorry for the delayed post. i've been busy celebrating the holidays in NY then getting myself down to meh-he-co!!! for Christmas i partied it up with my in-laws and feasted on the awesomeness that is Dominican cooking! i baked mini carrot cupcakes and it was my first go. of course i went to foodgawker and of course they were delicious! the ingredients called for way too much sugar so i went ahead and cut at least 2 cups out.

and yes that is some AMAZING cheese cream icing!!!!

i made 1 present this year. this person happens to have everything under the moon so i came up with the idea to turn an i ♥ ny t-shirt into a pillow. the shirt cost me $3 and the pillow was $7. oh and the zipper was $4.

this year i hooked myself up with the canon 7d!!!! i bought the beaut on amazon brand spankin' new although advertised as "used". since i saved myself $400 dollars i reinvested the funds into accessories like a mic, compact flash card and lens. i've been a nikon girl for life but this canon is just way too fun. video mode?! my life has been missing so much! i already have a few film projects underway. i think i'm in love :) and had i not forgotten my usb i would upload some sample photos. but here she is...

i'm currently writing from the resorts' eating area having breakfast. we're 2 hours behind so it's 8:30am. i'm not a fan of all-inclusives but a getaway to a beach in the midst of a snowstorm? no complaints! i'm about to head to the market to buy a poncho and soak in the sun.

in a few days time my cousin will be getting married!!! i gotta get in work mode and continue to scout locations. i'll share what i find. ttyl!


Niki McNeill said...

Happy Holidays Maya!! You're so lucky your not in NY right now. This snow is for the birds! Get me back to the South. Lol

You're gonna love your new camera - enjoy Mexico!

ShandyLand said...

LOVE the pillow & Camera!!
I'm hoping to be a expert pillow maker before the summer. lol

Talksik said...

Talent out the waaaazoooooo!