Wednesday, December 1, 2010

she's back back!

I just arrived back from Chicago yesterday. My 5 day vay-cay was MUCH needed. I got to spend time with my 95 year old great granny. this woman has lived to see it! from picking cotton in Mississippi to seeing Obama be president. I am truly blessed to be the great grand-daughter of someone so great.
we started at JFK and flew jetblue...greatest airline ever!

granny playin shy for the cameras

my granny swears by her old style beer. she's a riot when she backs a 6 pack

i love old people!

enough drinking! back on the road exploring the city

downtown was lovely

where did everyone go? as soon as you head south things start to look shady.

so many abandoned buildings and empty lots. but why? google here we go.

found what i was looking for...thrift store!

omg! if i had my own place and had i driven to chicago with a van this would so be mine! mint condition throw back gas stove

every black woman's haven

my dry hair needs some help! i was gonna buy this "natural remedy"...

...until i read the ingredients

missing my little jackie girl back home. saw this cute little hat and had to buy it. and yes! Jackie is part cat :)

we ventured out to wicker park and downtown but with freezing temperatures that camera stayed in my bag. my time in chicago was all about spending time with granny. lucky for me i had my laptop and recorded some of her wonderful stories.

warp speeding our way to the airport

on time!

i'll be back sooner than later!

the only items bought in chi-town was a cat hat and cat bed for miss jackie. i'm so lame! i guess not spending is good :)

now that i'm back in new york you best believe i'm back on track to start another new chapter in my life. CAREER! yay!


Mohamed Mughal said...

What a great trip (with great photos!). Thanks for sharing.

Niki McNeill said...

What a blessing to be able to spend QT with your granny!! Never been to Chicago but I heard it's great :)

And as for that PROPANE?? Wowzas!! haha

cat said...

What a perfect time to spend time with a woman who has seen it all! I am sure it was wonderful and inspiring. Your are a person who sees adventure in everything!!

*Tasha said...

You were in the Chi!! AWESOME!!! Yeah, South Side Chicago is pretty empty since all of the violence going on down there. Oh, and I loooooove Wicker Park. They have some cool boutiques and thrift shops there.

Camille said...

Those pics of Chicago remind me of Detroit (I'm originally from Michigan)- that's where my great granny lives! :)

FLY LADY DI said...

yo she looks like you! lol