Tuesday, November 23, 2010

stop thinking and jump!

my lack of post! i know! i would say i've been busy but that's always the case. lately i've been deep in thought planning my next mode of attack. it's kinda tricky to attack when my prey isn't clearly defined. and i'm talking in terms of career here. i have a lot of goals but the on going comment from people who want to help is the whole focus thing again. right now i'm focused on getting my finances in order so CHECK and done, now i can move on to pursuing my arts. however again people are advising me to stream line and monopolize on one thing then move on to the next. and now that i think about it i obviously do that but i feel like i loose the steam and drive and find something else to distract me. am i afraid of success? commitment? possibly. i love doing me and all that comes with the package. but it seems like i need to monopolize before i can spread my wings and fly. ARGH! society!!! i have no idea why i'm writing this. whatevs...it's my dang blog. i think i need to stop thinking and just jump already. right? :)


niki.mac said...

I swear we are long lost BFFs!! haha

I'm going through the SAME thing right now... lots of people giving me their opinions on what I should do, but not really offering any help in what I actually want to do.

Hang in there! I really believe that you can do it all, whatever ALL is for you!

Borough Baby said...

Read this, then saw this, then thought you should watch this:

Camille said...

It's weird, isn't it? -to think that a person can be afraid of success. Most are afraid of failure. I am afraid of both- success and failure! It's really crippling for me at times because those insecurities creep in and eat away at my confidence until it's gone.

This year, I stopped thinking about how much I want to pursue a career in writing, and I did it. The first thing on my checklist is complete. On to the next! I have so many goals and things I want to accomplish. I suggest a list! A list of goals you want to accomplish. Focus only on that one goal until it's complete. Write it on a stickie note and post it all over your home. Don't start any new projects until it's done! Then, on to your next goal. My confidence has increased because I completed the first goal on my list. It's a great feeling.

I look at it like this. You have to put so much effort, creativity and energy into one task alone. It's like teaching a class. You can't teach a math class and a history class at the same time. You have to teach one and when you're finished, then teach the other. Weird analogy, I know, but it's so true!

Didn't mean to write a book in your comments section :)

*Tasha said...

Jump when you're ready Maya! No pressure!! It's your world!! :)

Shannon Teresa said...

Whenever people ask me what I want to do in 5 years, I always say what I am doing now but on a bigger scale (minus bg work of course). Start living the life you want today, do the things you want to do and naturally you will be surrounded by people who can help you move up and on. When you love what you do, it's a lot easier to jump into it. I have an inclination of what you love most - performing arts - but I could be wrong.

p.s. what happened to the video blogging :(

maya said...

Niki you are my cyber bff :) it's only a matter of time before we finally meet up. thank you for your kind words.
Borough! that video was too funny! me and David now cracks jokes on each other about procrastination. who knew i'd be the queen of procrastination....not me
Camille you are too cute! yes i have a list now i need to post it on my ceiling so i can have direction each and every morning
Thank you Tasha! i realize i'm extremely hard on myself and have been jumping. i put my mind to things and accomplish each and every task i have set for myself. now i have a new to do list and for someone who's been in NY for only 6 months i know i'm on the right path.
Shannon! i agree! i've been living and doing everything i want. i realize my wants continue to evolve and i just need to make the moves to accommodate them :)
and performing arts is part of the equation but it's so much more than that. my new career will include producing so now i work on my mission to find a producing job that will lead to even more opportunities.and i finally have a new point and shoot camera with video mode so YES i totally need to and will get back to my video blog :)

Thank you all so much for your comments! it really means a lot to even get 1 let alone 5 :)

FLY LADY DI said...

You're right. Choose one. As u know, we have the same mind - the minute I chose one goal, everything changed. It makes a world of a difference, let alone makes ur life way easier to focus on one at a time! It's helped me!