Thursday, December 2, 2010

blast from the past

while in illinois me, the hubs, and grans kicked back and watched the classics, Blues Brothers and Breakfast Club. oh i love classics! and it was great watching two movies that took place in illinois in illnois :)

Bender stole the show

all you young thespians looking for monologues...peruse through the script. the writing in this movie is great.

i forgot how amazing the blues brothers is. the movies is filled with ridonkulous camera composition, over the top shots, insane extra casting, star studded cast... i druel, i druel

look at this shot! it speaks volumes! it's just stunning!

and this shot along with every other shot in this scene and in the movie is just so grand!

so many extra it!


Ray Charles with a gun! hilarious

and yes that's Pee Wee Herman :) love him too

way too many funny scenes!

oh and the police car pile up! oh it's that good!

these two movies are a MUST WATCH AGAIN! amazing amazing amazing!!! and they stood the test of time

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