Monday, September 6, 2010

labor day weekend!

my first US labor day weekend! me, the hubs and demon spawn headed to long beach to take in the sun.

feeding the monster

release the kraken

of course after commuting 1 hr and oh so close to the beach we discover no dogs allowed. haters! we snapped these before being kicked off the boardwalk

and no we do not have matching glasses. that would be gross

defending myself while being mulled by miss jackie o

posing for the camera

excited to be off leash much?

my much needed mango martini

this is supposedly an eggroll?! i ain't mad though :)

lights out

even though i didn't make it to the beach this was a much needed day off finally. now i head to work!


bloggeranonymous said...

AHAHAAAA!!! I laughed sooooooo much!!! I love this post!! I'm am THRILLED to be seeing you in less than a month!!!!

niki.mac said...

I think I may be in love with your pup - so cute! :)

ShandyLand said...

Great pictures and glad you got some R&R!