Sunday, September 26, 2010

phase I: remove band-aid

so what had happen was i barfed when i saw the state of my hubby's home. let's just say he was livin' beyond bachelor. i didn't have time to get nitty-gritty with my tools when i just moved in so i did the next best thing...SHOP. i covered some of the flaws with expensive shower curtains, matching towel sets, and started organizing. however, band-aids can only last so long. and they look damn gross when you peel them back. i spent the weekend and today stripping paint. 4 layers of it! hopefully this week i can get a nice neutral paint job in. then replace sink with a cabinet, replace hideous light fixture and mirror, retile the dirt mcgurt floors, and of course re-stage this beaut. *WARNING: THESE IMAGES ARE GRAPHIC. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED*

what this tight-fitted hot mess can look like:


niki.mac said...


that IS pretty bad! lucky him he's got you to come in a fix it up :)

bloggeranonymous said...

My skin actually crawled when I saw the pic of the ceiling!!!
I know your skills are mad so I have NO doubt in you!!