Friday, September 17, 2010

wack fashion meets fall fashion

this was my first NY fashion week in the trenches and i must say from where i was standing it was WIGIDDY WACK! working as a cocktail waitress i can now appreciate service. everyone wants free drinks, everyone is someone, no one tips, i wanted to throw drinks in faces. but of course i'm a sweet heart and smile and nod :) i'd love to bore you with details however lets move forward-->i'm so glad it's over! i can get paid again! speaking of getting paid i have funds to invest in some much needed fall fashion pieces. i've been getting away with shorts and t-shirts all summer but i really want to up my game being in NY and all. before i make my money disappear my cousin advised me on putting together a look board. genius! i do look boards for all my photo shoots it only makes sense i take the same approach for my own personal style. i don't have much time but here's what i have so far:

i'm really digging:
ankle booties (still looking for a dope platform heel)
leggings/thigh high sock (looks hawt and can be paired with summer shorts and skirts)
blazer jacket (looking for a relaxed fit)
big bags (that can accommodate my stuff)
neutral earth tones with splashes of bold colour

i'm missing my more 'masculine' pieces which i'll add on. i dig men's wear. especially bags as they're simple, stylish and practical like me.

Jeffery Campbell (amazing shoes) (amazing online shopping) (amazing inspiring looks)

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