Friday, April 16, 2010

la familia

i must say my family is DOPE!!!! a good few of us are talented artists and lucky me gets to work with the people i hold near and dear to my heart :) this project in particular was with my cousin Michael Madjus, another versatile artist but in this particular case art director and editor. he put together an educational video for the CN Tower and requested my 12 year old voice for the role of Victoria along with his brother Jeigh Madjus for the role of Luke. my other cousin Mathias Horhager did the illustration.

since i'm at it here's the crew:

Name: Greg Washington
Relation: Brother
Forte: Graphic Designer, Web Designer, Photographer
Sites: and

Name: Jeigh Madjus
Relation: Cousin
Forte: Singer, Dancer, Actor

Name: Michael Madjus
Relation: Cousin
Forte: Designer, Industrial Artist, Stylist

Name: Mathia Horhager
Relation: Cousin
Forte: Illustrator, Writer


shannon teresa said...

I think I definitely have a crush on ur brother, tho I will never be cool enough for him - I still like to inter-gawk at his awesomeness.
Can't wait to see this project!

Mr. Taha said...

Super talented fam, Maya! No where to go but UP for y'all.

maya said...

Shannon! welcome back :) you are cool but even then my brother is spoken for. i'm not sure when the CN tower will have the available but i'll let you know :)
thanks for joining tee hee :)

bloggeranonymous said...

This is SOOO awesome! I want to see the video!!!

FLY LADY DI said...

i know it looks kewl. haha. hey, we're all here! SQUAD UP!... but uhhh where's AKSHUN? he's the only one missing