Tuesday, April 20, 2010


my move to NY is just around the corner which means the inspiration boards begin :)
my hubby and i decided to tough it out in his place, which happens to be the grimmiest of all projects in Harlem :S on the bright side i get to save money and i always love a challenge :) i wish i had photos of the apartment on me but as soon as i'm down there i'll take photos and post. i can't remember where i found all these darling images. when i come across something i like on the web i just grab the photo and put it in my inspiration folder. i usually prowl flickr, apartment therapy, or a few of the design blogs i follow here on blogspot. i'd like to go for something playful and retro of course and similar to my vangroovy pad you can see here. but this time around i'm going for modern touches here and there... a little more refined frugal if you will :)
here are just a few images. my keyword searches include: eclectic, retro, bohemian, modern


Mr. Taha said...

The room with the pink table is bad a$$! I diggs the bookshelf. Also like the the forest green room with the euro toilet in the middle?! lol Good luck with move and the redesign!


FLY LADY DI said...
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FLY LADY DI said...

are u bringing that little kid too? haha. i like the first few images