Wednesday, July 23, 2008

get cReatiVE!

we have been programmed to do things the fast, easy, costly way, but how about taking some time out and having fun and getting creative. one way to save money and have fun is to make your own greeting cards and/or envelopes. think about are $5 and up! so start making your own cards like you were in preschool again. you can cut things out from magazines creating collages, use the good ol' macaroni pasta and glue them on cardboard, anything! be creative, look in your kitchen, bedroom, or living room and you'd be surprised what you can create with a little imagination. and you make someone feel super special :)
i mail a lot of CD's out and decided to start making my own packages and cards. here's the envelopes.
cost: $0+creativity

use a nail and hammer on a protective surface so you don't damage your floors. start hammering holes.

now start sewing the edges together with some thread or yarn or whatever

make sure you put the article in the envelope before you sew it shut.

get creative!

all done! i had to block out their name since i don't think they received the package yet.

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bloggeranonymous said...

Of Course brilliant again - I'm going to my friends house today to make more cards (I got real inspired Tuesday).