Sunday, June 5, 2011

until then :)

awwww...thanks ladies! since my new site isn't up and even when it is perhaps i'll navigate it to my blogspot...just for you Camille and Fly Lady :) it's great to know my thoughts are appreciated.
but back to business :)
i've been hard at work making my dreams a reality. i went to Atlantic City this weekend for an aerobics conference interviewing amazing people for my doc. to put it out there i'm working on a documentary about 80's aerobics :) for those of you wanting to pursue a project that demands time and money look into fiscal sponsors. i'm currently finishing up my package for the New York Foundation for the Arts. Essentially they represent you on the charitable front. they do not provide funds however when you are seeking funding it helps to have an organization behind you as they can offer tax credits to those wanting to financial help your project. the great thing with the application is it's forced me to think long and hard about what i'm actually trying to create. what is this project? what is the timeline? what is the budget? who is your target market? what is my marketing strategy?....all questions that have focused both myself and my project. fiscal sponsors are everywhere and are designed for non-profit projects, however when i asked them about possible sales and distribution they were all for it. their explanation: my project is not for profit in production. since they only represent me while in production i can make all the money i want after that point :) isn't that awesome?! so whether you want to film something, have a solo exhibition, rehearsals for performance, whatever, fiscal sponsor may be able to help out.
and for all you peeps who want to film something but don't have the equipment think about rentals. you can rent ANYTHING these days! digital cameras, mics, lens, steadicams...i picked up a few items from CSI Rentals here in NY. these peeps are dope! i rented a few items for my trip to Atlantic City. although it isn't necessary i'm putting together a documentary trailer with my application. visuals help potential investors or producers see where your vision is going. however if a trailer sucks you may want to omit it all together. all in all my interviews went AMAZING. i learned a lot of do's and don'ts. DO hire a soundman, DO try to be as quiet as possible while interviewing, DO plan ahead and stay open to improvising, DO have fun!
so i have an application to complete :) here are some photos from my trip

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Camille said...

I've also been working on turning my dreams into reality. Your blog & art really inspires me. I don't really know what it is about other artists, but I guess it's this invisible artistic energy that I vibe with. It's a beautiful experience to commune with other artists.

thanks for the shout out! :)