Friday, November 12, 2010

almost there

everyone seems to want to know how my ghetto bathroom is coming along. it's coming! we ran into a series of setbacks but we're almost there. thank goodness i was procrastinating on painting as we had a mean flood that was ankle deep throughout my entire place destroying the plaster work both David and I had done. let me not get into details as i'm finally in a good headspace :) but isn't this a breath of fresh air compared to that monstrosity a while back?

that would be a very 'cool' gray on the walls that is translating to light blue on camera. either way i love it! now we're headed to home depot to get some wall paneling up. do you see that crack that is running horizontally across the wall? the plaster isn't helping so panels it is.

i'm not in the clear yet. still so much too do! and finally i quit one of my jobs...well not quit but i'm only working on call which means i can refocus my energies towards things that truly matter. i'm so looking forward to january when i can be a full time artist again :)

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FLY LADY DI said...

#PROGRESS! damn girl, a flood? that sucks bad. i know u, warrior. u can get thru anything.