Saturday, August 14, 2010

sleepy update

i am so sorry for not keeping up with my promised weekly blogging. this week has been insanity for me. i now have 2 jobs since my first cocktailing job is STILL training me and not bringing in the funds. so job number 2 is also swank and VERY busy. i am extremely fortunate to know a few key people in this city who keep hookin' me up. it is unheard of to work the night scene especially at these spots without previous NY experience and not to mention zero cocktail experience. besides getting little sleep and standing on my feet all night, i've also i've been cooking up a storm:

walking and training the vicious beast:

on the prowl for shoes in a city that's too big, therefore turning to my online resources...6PM love you!

booking my first voice gig, continuing to do the voice audition thing all while being the good wife :) now i gotta run to work. i need to figure out some sort of system to get this all done while maintaining my insanity. only a few more months of this :)


FLY LADY DI said...

you go girl. get 'em... sounds like new york progress to me!

bloggeranonymous said...

YOur food looks SOOO good! I miss the safeway runs and dinners at your place!

ShandyLand said...

Congratulations!! I'm hungry now btw!