Sunday, August 1, 2010

about a dollar

being still new to NYC i've been able to observed plenty. what's really stood out is the hustle to make $1. yes $1. the drive in this city is ridonkulous! when it rains people are on the street hustling selling umbrellas, when it's hot they're selling ice water, or my fav coquitos (spanish ice cream) and of course the fruit stand guys. all for 1 dollar! this city sells it all! and it doesn't stop. NYC literally doesn't sleep they're so busy earning bills. as you know i'll be working my cocktail job in a few weeks and the money these girls make is insane! $300-$1000 a night?! shut up! but of course what happens when you make that? you spend. ALL of it! NYC is instant gratification at it's finest. you go shopping, eat out, go clubbing, rent, more shopping. and it's dang cheap out here. why not spend? it's like this vicious cycle and it's easy to fall into that rhythm.

i guess you could say this frugal artist is observing the rules of the money game so she can come out on top :)
RULE #1 SAVE!!!!


FLY LADY DI said...

you can spend... but spend wisely.

ShandyLand said...

You'll do fine, especially since you're wanting to renovate your new diggs. That money sounds great for a cocktail waitress! You'd only have to work a few nights a week! Wow, nice!

niki.mac said...

I'm thinking about getting a waitress job myself...

...I just landed an AWESOME internship that may conflict with my full time job, so I may have to do something else with a more flexible schedule!

And yes, NY will zap your $$ so fast!