Wednesday, October 22, 2008


it is official. my creative partner in crime Gus and myself are addicted to shooting! this weekend we did a another shoot but this time fashion and styled by yours truly. i pulled most of the clothes from vintage shops along Main St. and had the pleasure of borrowing shoes from fluevog which were perfect for the 40's theme we had going. if i'm not shooting, i'm coming up with ideas for a shoot, editing photos or learning more photo shop, which i cringe at mere thought of. actually i'm just taking a break from learning about channels, oh such fun : S
i'm a film geek and now with this studio lighting and great makeup, i gotta brush up on my PS skills. next on the list of to do's is update my site. with all this shooting i've been doing i can have a new site with a new batch of eye candy. hopefully my talented brother can hook me up otherwise yet another program i must learn, FLASH. being

creative can be a tough job. any whosers...
this weekend is headshots for the actors but the following weekend is more fashion. oh we are so taking over Vancouver.
don't you want to just eat these colours?! k...back to studying : (

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bloggeranonymous said...

Haha! Cool! That's very exciting as always! Oh addictions... I still have an eBay problem...
But it's over for right now - at least.