Monday, April 18, 2011

ny filming resources

keeping on track with obsession "complete script" i've been doing tons of research as well as more interviews. i've also been looking for free or *cost effective workshops to educate my mind on the possibilities on how to go about materializing this thing. thank gad i have friends who point me in good directions. i guess one could go to school for this but school isn't for everyone and with technology so easily accessible all you really need to do is hop online. sometimes the best things in life are free :) lucky me will be attending a FREE workshop this thursday at the Tribeca Film Festival...very excited to learn more and meet like minded individuals. for all my filmmakers or wanna be filmmakers out there hopefully these links help you out.
hopefully i have more exciting stuff to blog about this week. as for entertaining my "paint the floor" idea...that will have wait until i know for a fact i can finish it in one week :S

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