Monday, April 4, 2011

ADHD effect

i am back in full ADHD effect! i'm finally taking the necessary steps to get MY studio up and running. yes MY studio :) and it's about time. i'd like to find an affordable studio/office space by the fall that caters to all things work/art related in my life. in the meantime i'll be working on branding and finding a good rep to assist on the promotion front since i haven't been very good at self promotion :S but having said that i plan on getting better and that starts by reclaiming my name. i've branded my name as a photographer however i do more than just photography and would like my name/site to reflect my world :) so....i'm brainstorming studio names to move my photography to and using my name for Maya's real world :) exciting much. it's been a dream of mine for sometime to have a of course some photo inspirations:

in addition to stepping up my game i'm STILL working on my script and producing/filming shorts. currently a music vid that's 1.5 min with the theme NY HUSTLE. as well as a follow up video for cousin Jeigh. He was in town for Apollo and Rent auditions however the video will document his legend in the making rise at the Apollo. twins:

and here he is in line for nearly 4 hours, cold, and the greatest cousin ever along side filming :)

i'm finally revamping my voice demo. cousin Mathias updated my look now i just need to re-record a few spots and burn some DVD's but it's a comin'

home renos!!! with the weather warming up i'm planning on painting the floors grey, organizing my closet space and finally moving forward with buying big purchases like a couch and other amenities. but oh ADHD self didn't update ya'll on the bathroom so here it is:

i need to put some artwork up above the toilet but otherwise it's pretty sweet if i do say so myself. mind you the flash is making it look slightly better than it really is. remember how it was before? trés prison cell:

oh we've come a long way and still further to go. i still haven't installed the kitchen cupboards yet which is super lame. i keep getting distracted with the million other things that have to get done but i'll get there...eventually :)


Niki McNeill said...

Go Maya go!! That bathroom transformation is amazing! Do you mind if I feature it on my blog with some suggestions on how to finish out? Love it!

FLY LADY DI said...

i almost don't believe how your new bathroom looks. you're a DYI GENIUS MAYA

Luisa said...

Amazing!! You rock, way to go on that studio space!! Bathroom looks amazing :)

Camille said...

Beautifully well done!

shannon teresa said...

I LOVE when I don't come to your blog for awhile and then when I do there are a few posts I haven't seen!! <3 this Papaya your journey is beautiful to watch unfold