Monday, August 17, 2009

asian invasion

i confess i have an obsession with all things asian. well maybe not all but a lot! i hit up a small asian mall out here seeking a tin pencil case that could double as a makeup brush holder and found the cutest and probably politically incorrect but super fun pencil case that makes me smile "happy ra ra island"!!!. oh and it was only $4 bucks

and i couldn't resist blowing my nose with these cuties

i love how random asian stationary is. well the english makes me laugh "the night sky stretches to overhead of you if you looks up into the sky". erks?! oh and ears on those pens retract the pen. too cute!

and yes that would be me feeling up my living room wall. those leggings i'm wearing were too irresistible at $5 bucks. they will probably make a guest appearance in an upcoming shoot :) i found them at the Richmond night market on friday


bloggeranonymous said...

Maya your hilarious!

Steph Granshaw said...

In my home country, the UK it's a shame that they've discontinued printing what they call little "Golly Wogs", i love em, when i was little you used to be able to buy liquorice sweeties with these little people on the wrapper. :))

Annette said...

Maya loooove the flower print pants!

maya said...

thanks! i still haven't had the chance to rock them. soon though :)