Sunday, July 19, 2009

pick me up

for those of you who know me, ya'll know i'm into my self improvement and overall being a better person and why not? we should all strive to be the best we can be. just imagine if you actually tried to be the best actor, the best doctor, the best mother or father, the best makeup artist, the best writer, singer, photographer you name it...THE BEST! not only would you be a happier person but the world would be better off. if you're having trouble sleeping at night cause your stuck in your head chances are you're stuck in your thoughts which haven't materialized into action. * i can't *shoulda woulda coulda, *but, *what's the use? *it's already been done...they all essentially equal fear and NOT your best. i guarantee if you spend your day working towards your goals and being the best, by the time you get home and rest your head you'll be out cold.
some frugal tips to get back on track:
1) go to your public library in the "social sciences" section in both the print and audio section and sign out a few "self" books or if you gots money buy a book and make sure to read it (a good easy read is The Forgotten Secret to Phenomenal Success)
2) meditate every morning for at least 5 mins and progress from there
3) be aware of your own thoughts. every time you hear that negative *i can't* replace it several times with I CAN then ACT!
4) make a list of things to do to get you to your goal and do them. check that list off!
5) get that vision board together. my vision board is on my computer in a folder so when my screen saver goes on all the images
of my lofts, vacations, red carpet dresses and the like pop on. you can also upload images onto your ipod or phone but make sure to scroll through them daily.

and just to get the ball rolling here are some positive listenings to Earl Nightingale:




"The essence of success is completion and the essence of completion is integrity and integrity is doing what you say you'll do. Integrity is action. Your words can lie but your actions can't" -Mike Hernacki
in laymen terms don't talk about it, be about it!

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FLY LADY DI said...

i love this post a lot. be sure to send me ur mailing address so i can send u those books!

yes we had a great convo the other night and it's true - it's not about how much you can gain from it ($-wise) - but it's how you can be THE BEST at what you do. then the money will come :)

love u beautipal!