Friday, July 10, 2009

accessorize your life

i am obsessed with accessories! i have no idea why and on a day to day basis i rarely wear anything besides a belt however if i am going out you best believe i pull out all the stops. it's so easy to update last seasons look with some personalized pieces. my favs are not surprisingly from vintage stores namely Salvation Army. i found a couple new pieces recently. slightly more than i normally spend but they're so unique i couldn't say no.
this one is reminiscent of a rosary...loves this!: $9.99

70's transformer: $5.99

this one is tarnishing a bit BUT i like the cleopatra*ness of it: $9.99

i just got these ones: $1.99

this is my standard high waisted belt. i like used leather belts: $5.99

geometric boho: $5.99

and this diva belt is the greatest belt of all! i found it in Toronto in Kensington Market: $19