Friday, April 3, 2009

dream home?

i'm home! again? in Vancouver that is.
i have 3 cities i call home: Toronto, Vancouver, and New York. clearly Toronto is my first home as i was born and raised there before shuffling to Vancouver which has been my current residence for the past 2.5 years. now New York has a special place in my heart as i've been traveling back and fourth there for the past 5 years for my hot hubby. but i'm hoping to call NY home in the coming months.
for those of you who know me know i live off my self motivational books like every other day. so i've devised a social experiment on myself to put this "law of attraction" to the test. it says if you know what your goal is you're already 90% more successful than the next person. you need to know where you're going in order to direct your thoughts and actions towards a destination. which got me to thinking...what will be my next goal? well simple: being based in NY but traveling to Toronto and LA as the modern day reincarnated Andy Warhol. people constantly ask me "what do you want to be known as?" as i've been living double or rather quadruple lives as a photographer, actor, designer, entrepreneur, BLAH BLAH... and i really don't think i need to put a label on myself as i don't feel comfortable being called a "photographer" or an "actor" or or or. if i were to pick a label i'd like that label to be "artist". any who, the next step of this experiment is to write down your goal on a piece of paper and look at it everyday and "feel the feelings of already acquiring it". EVERYDAY for 30 days, then another and another until it becomes habit. so here goes. i have written my goal of obtaining my US Visa come fall 09 as step 1 and i suggest anyone who reads this to do the same. i'll let you know my progress throughout the passing months :)
"what you visualize you materialize"


FLY LADY DI said...

OH YEEEEAH! Law of Attraction most definitely works wonders... My life is soooo good. I am so happy doing what I love for work right now! (teaching).

Anyhoo -- back to your blog. OMG girl I had a revelation too the other day, a voice said to me, "God didn't give you multiple talents for you to focus on just one". Same goes for you. For a while, I took it that I was 'cursed' with multiple talents, but why the f would I ever think that? We were given these beautiful gifts to share with the world, so now my ONE goal (using ALL my gifts) is:

"To be Commercially and Critically Successful as a Visual and Performing Artist while Maintaining the Integrity of the Art I Create"

just thought I would share... seems we are on the right path Maya.

Anonymous said...

"The Secret" - I want to be a respected interior designer , so I can show I'm different :) .