Thursday, November 13, 2008


oh my gad! so it starts off with me missing my flight from Vancouver direct to NY (my bad). the friendly people at United Airways get me on their next flight out as Air Canada (my original carrier) wanted to charge me $1150!!! are you kidding me! so now i'm in San Francisco on a stop over, trying to get to NY so i can get to Santo Domingo!!! but knowing my luck, this time tomorrow i'll be in paradise...right?!


Marmalad Shipkofff said...

WISH YOU LUCK MY CRAZY FRIEND :) HEHEHE... and drink one Mojito for me! cheers :P

MR. M said...

Dang girl, that shit be crazy!! say hi to boo boo for me :P

wild cowgirl said...

my role model maya!?!?!?!

girl you seem to do the most...and quite well.

if you're in NYC...lets WORK!!

although, i do hope that you're in santo smells better

shannon said...

so finally I got a stupid google acount so I could comment on your blogs... RUN MAYA RUN!

maya said...

my life is too crazy! but i guess i wouldn't have it any other way