Tuesday, November 4, 2008

have a seat

i officially have a fetish with vintage chairs. dang...i guess i have a lot of obsessions. anyways, i found this beauty at Salvation Army on 12th & Main St. for $9.99. i bought the fabric from ikea for $6.99/m but you only need half a meter. so simpo!
cost: $13.49+tax

seat had paint stains. but i really like the design elements of the chair. very graphic. me likey.

just undo the screws

cut out a circle pattern with enough give to go around the chair and get stapled. i picked this graphic pattern to make this chair shine in all its glory. sew a zig zag stitch along the edges to prevent fabric from fraying

staple away

screw the seat back on and voila!


Marmalad Shipkofff said...

looool you are my hero!

niki.mac said...

i love this! i love remixed furniture...

bloggeranonymous said...

Basically brilliant! I'm inspired.

shannon said...

Girl you make my day

Charece said...

How cute!