Friday, September 5, 2008


i've been realizing a lot lately and part of that is is concept of 'inspiration'. on my wall i have a part of my collage that reads "inspired by life" which is a motto i live by. we are all inspired by life; the people, places, and things around us and i think it's beautiful when inspiration is shared. shared inspiration creates momentum for you and everyone around you. it allows you to "create possibilities & express your vision of what is possible". as of late many people have inspired me drastically and as a result i have inspired them. if you're a person who feels threatened 'why they bitin' my styles?' turn it around. it truly is a compliment. you've inspired them! it's not about copying, unless someone blatantly did verbatim the subject copied, in which case, stop that! inspiration is creativity, inspiration is playing outside the lines, inspiration is being courageous, inspiration is a good thing! do whatever inspires you. you'll be that much happier. this is for all the people who've inspired me and vice vera. trust in the Maya! she will share the light ;-)

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