Tuesday, October 18, 2011

movin on up!

and where have you bloody been missy? ahhhhh....where to begin...we haven't moved yet however we have applied for coops here in NYC. getting involved and being a part of the community is key to getting deals and we all know i loves me a deal. me and the hubs have been taking a home ownership workshop. rent sucks! the money you give away doesn't build equity, there are no tax breaks for renters and you're paying for your landlords vacation. it is a vicious cycle you don't realize until you're educated in. for those of my local Harlemites you NEED to take this class over at HCCI. we finished the workshop (but i'm retaking it just cause) and the infamous Reverend Charles Butler referred us to UHAB. UHAB works with buildings converting from rental properties to coops, which are newly renovated and selling well below market value. coops here in NYC are different from Toronto. here it means your buying shares into a cooperative corporation, we own the building...closest thing to home owning here in NYC and most people still need mortgages unless you got cash like that. any who, we finally finished collecting all the paper work and applied for a few coops...now we wait and continue to save for our down payment. if all goes well i'll have a view across from central park in a few months. now to visualize so this can materialize...more post a comin... :)


urban butterfly said...

Visualization is so key! If you can see it, you can have it! Good luck to you & hubby on your coop search. I hope that you get what you're looking for! :)

*Tasha said...

Hmmm! I'm going to have to check that class out! Good luck with everything!!!!!!!!!