Friday, March 20, 2009

The Reveal

here's my work exhibited at Fashion House on 560 King St. West! plenty of talented individuals showcased at the event, i was kinda surprised. while chillin out today at the gallery i lucked out on an interview with MTV Canada! i'm not sure when the interview will air but when i do, i'll let you all know. the photos i took during the industry night were all film which will take me a week or two to develope (that's if they turn out :)

my fams

special thanks to Lenirose at Holt Renfrew, Duane J. Williamson, Anya Ellis at Lizbell, Phoenix Olivia and uber special thanks to Tiera my lovely model who is only 13! 13! 13! crazy!

sorry i'm so vain :) here are some others


niki.mac said...

this looks amazing! congrats :)

Marmalad Shipkofff said...

Yeeey! :)

Shannon Teresa Boodram said...

Can you post the whole series? So amazing, ur the one kid, ur the one!