Thursday, January 8, 2009


i'm cruel, i'm awful, i'm evil, i'm uber UBER sorry that i haven't posted anything new. i'm still here in Toronto getting my photography in check. another year, another website and my talented brother jeedub is helping me build my template site. i can't believe i didn't do template sites sooner, but better late than never. if you know flash and want to showcase images you should download the application SlideShowPro. The site is ready to go, all you do is add images, customize color, size, and buttons and the best part is you can update it yourself in a matter of minutes. so yeah, my site probably won't be up till i get back to Vancouver but i'm looking forward to having regular updates.
as of recently i've been brainstorming a shoot that will be showcased in Toronto's Fashion Week. i along with 14 other female photographers will be head lining an event entitled "Women by Women". i'm super amped about the shoot and will be reuniting with my friend and makeup artist Sherlyn Torres. can't wait to shoot!
itching to go home but enjoying my stay.
i'm tired...gonna take a nap before i have a night on the town with FlyLady...
not a fan of blogging without images so here's a photo from my shoot with model Tiera:


bloggeranonymous said...

Maya! Good to here ANYTHING from you! That's sounds so exciting and fun! LUCKY!

FLY LADY DI said...

ur photos r dumb... but u knew that. see u in about 84 minutes! LOL.

Marmalad Shipkofff said...

me like!